Utilizing Health and Behavioral Coaching Tools to Promote Wellness & Injury Recovery

Nearly 50% of all adults have at least one chronic condition such as arthritis, high blood pressure, obesity, cardiovascular disease, or diabetes. Chronic illnesses are a leading health concern — and can pose challenges to recovery and return-to-work. When an injury does occur, it is important to understand how the injured workers’ comorbidities can complicate recovery. Incorporating age-specific prevention measures and wellness initiatives into risk management programs makes good business sense.

This week in our video blog we discuss health and behavioral coaching tools that help case managers taking a holistic view of the individual, and evaluate the physical, psychosocial and emotional factors that may impact recovery. Tools like Healthwise Coach and Communicate help to coach the individual to be a better health care consumer and to take personal responsibility for his or her own overall health and recovery. Learn more in our video.

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