Coventry Cares

In a recent company-wide survey, Coventry employees shared what they have been doing to be of assistance during this unusual and trying time. Those who responded shared that they have spent over 500+ hours of personal time volunteering! While most of those are making masks (over 500+ created so far) and helping people who need food, we’re also helping at places of worship, mentoring young people and tutoring.

Rising to the occasion

Gina, Network Negotiator for Coventry, has personally created over 200 masks for the statsmedical staff at Kaiser South Sacramento and St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Stockton, where her sister is a Registered Nurse.

In addition to the need for masks, Gina and some of our employees recognized there is a need for additional personal protective equipment (PPE). The need for soft headbands is huge since they’re used jointly with the masks. Due to rubbing and extended use, the skin behind the ear will breakdown after nurse with button headband and maskwearing a mask for too long causing discomfort, skin breakage and pain. The headband helps protect the skin behind the ear itself and the thin skin behind the ears connecting to the head.

Half of the employees who responded indicated they are also living with a child who requires virtual instruction or “homeschooling”. All the while, still making time to pitch in around their communities not to mention continuing their work at Coventry.

We’re proud of our Coventry employees and everyone’s efforts to protect each other in staying safe and healthy.

Virtually volunteering

COVID-19 has had a profound impact around the world. Countries, businesses, charities and families struggle to find ways to cope. COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the caring professions. Some struggle on the frontlines to fight the virus while others struggle to find a way to provide relevant assistance. Coventry employees in Knoxville, Tennessee have found an impressive way to support their warrior colleagues.

Fuel the Front Line is a Knoxville based effort that provides supplies to the ICU and ER fuel the front linestaffs of The University of Tennessee Medical Center, as well as the staff of the East Tennessee Medical Group (a mobile COVID-19 testing unit pictured to the right). Expansion to other facilities is planned. The organization currently has 124 members in Knoxville. The effort has been formalized with a steering committee, a finance committee and a Tax-ID number. Space in a warehouse for staging deliveries has been donated. The organization boasts an attorney and a medical advisor.

The organization supplies snacks, beverages and personal protective equipment (PPE) to the frontline staff. They will search for and secure donations for items requested by the frontline staff.


Thank you so to much all of our Coventry employees who are making a difference during this difficult time.


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