Why do customers love live chat?

In conversations regarding Coventry Connect (Coventry’s proprietary client portal), one feature that rises to the surface is Live Chat. When discussing with our users, it seems that the opportunity to address an issue the moment it arises is what they like most. Even if the issue is not immediately resolved, it can be quickly escalated by one of our customer service representatives to someone who can help.

When I investigated further, this is what I learned about how customers benefit from live chatting.

We live in a digital world and a live chat feature provides customers an alternative to a phone call or emailing. Chatting with someone directly is seen as fast and convenient and it is commonplace when visiting numerous retail sites (think Amazon, airline sites and others). There’s rarely a wait time, an answer is provided instantly, and the transcription of the conversation can easily be saved. Plus, live chat allows people to multi-task, and in an industry as busy as workers’ compensation, that can make all the difference.

Customers feel that a live chat feature helps them feel more connected to the company they’re contacting. Building relationships is important in any business. Providing excellent customer service the first time around promotes a positive experience and will likely result in repeat business. Loyal customers are the backbone of any successful organization.

Coventry Connect’s Live Chat

In a recent study, over an 8-week period, we received about 239 requests to chat. We also save and audit 100% of conversations. Coventry clients who used Live Chat during the study period experienced a 14-second average wait time, while the average chat lasted about 6 minutes.chat callout-2

Live Chat was launched in Coventry Connect for First Script® transactions in May 2015 and then to reach the Coventry Connect Support team in June 2016. Since then we have made several improvements to include single sign-on capabilities. Coming soon, we will launch Live Chat for our other products and offer the Live Chat option from the login page for users having trouble logging in.

Surveyed users have told us “Live Chat is amazing”, and have given it a Net Promoter Score of 67%, which is considered “excellent”.

Have you tried the Live Chat feature?

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